Defective Medical/Surgical Stapler Injuries

Defective Medical/Surgical Stapler Injuries A review by the FDA has linked 112 deaths and thousands of injuries to surgical staplers. In many cases, the staples failed to close around the patient’s tissue or the stapler failed to release the staples, resulting in leakage. Among patients who died, the stapled tissue typically had begun leaking fluid or blood, leading to infection.… More →

Online Business Systems: News – Sep 25, 2001

September 25, 2001 Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Online Business Systems wins Entrepreneur of the Year Chuck Loewen recognized as top entrepreneur in the Prairie Region E-Business category Calgary, Alberta, September 25, 2001.  Online Business Systems, an industry-focused technology and business consulting firm, today announces that Chuck Loewen, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Online Business Systems, has been… More →

Sexy Tattoos

Sexy Tattoos for women Sexy Tattoos for women depend on Whether the designs are good enough. Whatever you do, do not spoil your body with an inferior design.  Ask most men Whether tattoos on women are sexy or not and you will get a mixture of answers. It is certainly not as easy as getting a yes or no answer.… More →

I have spent the last few months watching more than a few You-Tube videos. No, get your heads out of the gutter- not the dirty kind. Just the generic “stupid human tricks” that seem to be posted quite a bit on the site. In fact I would maintain that You Tube is our species version of “Grown-Up SHOW AND TELL”.… More →

Trauma Center

Trauma Center “The Frank L. Mitchell Jr., MD Trauma Center is the only American College of Surgeons (ACS)-verified Level I Trauma Center in mid-Missouri and one of only three in the state. Staff in University of Missouri Health Care’s emergency rooms treat more than 43,000 patients each year. University Hospital’s comprehensive program for the care of injured children and adults uses… More →


Breast Enlargement Pills Approved By Doctors & Medical Professionals! Most of us would love to regain the firm, full bust line of our younger years … or better! Until now, the only options were to live with small breasts, use artificial padding, or endure very expensive & dangerous surgery. You’re about to be introduced to the most scientifically advanced all-natural… More →

Patient Comments

I could not be more delighted with the services offered by Dr. Kornfeld. After several treatments I am free of persistent neck pain. I am enjoying greater mobility of my entire spine. My whole spine and nerves are experiencing relief, calm, balance and overall well-being. His holistic approach and sincere demeanor inspires trust. I have and will continue to recommend… More →

Saffron Pharmaceutical

Our professionals have believe on the strength of combined efforts that will ultimately lead them towards the achievement of a stable, highly acceptable product that delivers the correct amount of drug in a reproducible, effective manner. Responsibility Product development department consists of the highly qualified professionally motivated and technically skilled team that works on the critical and sophisticated instruments and… More →

Coventry Insurance | United Healthcare Oxford

Coventry is one of the most important cities in England being an industrial center as well as a cathedral city. This historic city was given the nickname “The Three Spired Jewel” because of its magnificent architecture, cathedrals, museums and universities. The most notable landmark in the city is the Coventry Cathedral which was built after the war. There are also… More →