The Icon That Is The Chevrolet Trailblazer

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is one of those vehicles that gained iconic status as soon as it was launched. From the original 1999 model to the current incarnation of this mighty Chevy, the car has gone from strength to strength and retains a loyal following.

The SUV market remains among the most heavily contested in the USA, yet the Trailblazer has a good share of the overall sales. This could be influenced by the impressive choice of engines – from the 290bhp six cylinder to the even more powerful 5.3ltr V8, both choices give plentiful performance and pulling power, and a six liter V8 is also on the options list should you require even more power!

Interior trim is also variable, making the Trailblazer a car with a wide appeal; from the executive who wants luxury and style through to the family man who simply needs functionality, the big Chevy offers many choices that will be suitable for any buyer.

Efficiency is a keyword in these days of high costs, and the technological mastery of modern day engine design enables the V8 to shut down half of its cylinders while cruising on the highway, or while at idle, to enhance fuel consumption. Nevertheless, for such a big vehicle even the 20mpg offered by the V8 engine version is impressive in this class.

The Trailblazer has undergone several facelifts and redesigns, and remains one of the better looking cars in the SUV class; with longevity and reliability high on the priority list, it is no surprise that the Trailblazer remains on the road long after its build time.

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