About Three Wishes Traveling Natural Horsemanship in San Antonio, Houston, & Austin TX. We come to you!


“Building positive relationships
between horses & riders.”

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Our Program

There’s no such thing as a bad horse, just a misunderstood one.
Typically it’s not a human with a horse problem but a horse with a human problem! We truly believe this statement.  Most horses are labeled as “bad” when they’re simply untrained.  Or worse, the handler lacks the experience to understand how to communicate with a trained horse properly.  Good horses can go down hill fast in the hands of an inexperienced, or even well-meaning, owner.  Let our program give you the partner you were hoping for when you acquired the horse. 

How we’re different.


Three Wishes Traveling Horsemanship comes to you.  We teach and train on your “home turf” where you typically ride and interact with your horse. We break everything down so that you, the owner, understands what you’re asking and how to get it from your horse. We build partnerships.

Our Natural Horsemanship Program is custom tailored specifically to meet the needs of both the client AND the horse. We assist with any training, riding or management issue you may be experiencing as a horse owner.  We’ll introduce you to new practices and even de-mystify old ones! And, we’re always available for phone consults or via email.

We encourage communication by teaching your horse how to read your signals, as well as showing you how to interpret your horses signals.  In short, we act as both a trainer and facilitator to help you establish a better way to communicate with your horse.

When you and your horse are communicating effectively there is nothing you cant accomplish together.  Are you ready to get started?</span>

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