Bittersweet. When I hear that word, I’m one of those people who immediately thinks of chocolate! But it actually it has other meanings…now that I have chocolate on my mind, I can’t think what they are!

But, seriously, I recently heard music that triggered bittersweet memories. Funny how music has such power. Like smells, others sounds, textures. The power of human senses is amazing. Sometimes certain memories are not as welcome as others. I guess that’s where bittersweet comes in.

Whether welcome or not, our memories are part of who we are. The combined effect is what guides our actions, thoughts, attitudes, etc. So, it’s okay to feel that bittersweet-ness. It’s okay to allow ourselves moments of sadness, even a tear or two.

Use your experiences to make a better person out of who you are. Life should be lived to the absolute fullest. There will always be the good with the bad or not-so-good.

Live it. Feel it. Use it.

Life is too short to do otherwise!

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