Stress as a cause of illness – Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Some new research providing evidence on how stress can be a source of illness led me to reflect on how many of my patients mention stress as being part of their daily lives. In truth, most do – whether that derives from their personal or work life. In our contemporary working culture, stress is virtually considered par for the course in most jobs with many people trying to meet impossible deadlines or targets. The ability to handle high levels of stress is almost a badge of honour, and juggling this with a busy home life often adds to the burden.

Chinese Medicine has long accepted that stress and emotional difficulties can be sources of illness.

The research I mention is not actually about working people, but perhaps even more sadly, is about the effect of stress on schoolchildren. You can read a Daily Mail article on it ” The original ” published in the Journal of Experimental Education provided clear evidence that the stress on students of excessive homework was linked to migraines, ulcers and other stomach problems and weight loss.

So there we have it. From an early age, now children’s health is being negatively impacted on by stress and no doubt many will progress to stressful jobs and careers, throwing their health completely out of balance.

By dealing holistically with imbalances in our health, acupuncture promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation, providing a counter-balance to stress.

Perhaps companies might soon begin to realise that if they want their workforce to remain fit and healthy they should be reducing stress in the workplace, not adding to it. And let’s not forget our children – do we really want the pressure of homework and school life to be adversely affecting their health in serious ways at such a young age?

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