Aglaia Biomedical Ventures

what we do

Aglaia is committed to creating and building biomedical
companies, not just to finance them. That’s why we take an active
role in both funding and operations.

Opportunities are derived from university-based research
as well as from corporate spinouts. By having a close interaction with
scientists we are in a position to identify high-potential technologies
and business concepts.

At Aglaia, we select, develop and commercialize technologies
that have significant market potential, up to a level where the opportunity
becomes attractive to larger investors or is readily marketable.

Our expertise in the field of oncology research and development
is combined with an understanding of enhancing and protecting intellectual
property. Aglaia works closely with patent attorneys in assessing the
competitive position of the IP and in implementing robust patent development

Life science companies around the world are interested
in solutions that can fill their pipelines. We interact with leading biomedical
and pharmaceutical players on a continuous basis to determine potential
opportunities and market requirements. This interaction provides a solid
foundation to further grow and commercialize promising technologies.

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