Patient Comments

I could not be more delighted with the services offered by Dr. Kornfeld. After several treatments I am free of persistent neck pain. I am enjoying greater mobility of my entire spine. My whole spine and nerves are experiencing relief, calm, balance and overall well-being. His holistic approach and sincere demeanor inspires trust. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends.

Nancie Kalin

For 35 years I was dealing with chronic pain and muscular stiffness. Dr. Kornfeld helped me more in a couple of sessions than anyone else could over all those years. Dr. KornfeldВ’s non-force techniques have truly proved effective. I actually feel like I can be healed.

Valerie Bates, LMT

I had been dealing with chronic neck, back and shoulder pain for over 23 years. It took only several treatments with Dr. Kornfeld before my pain was gone. The touch Dr. Kornfeld uses is so light that it is amazing to me how well it works. Amazing Dr.! В… And wonderful.

Marianne Troy

I had been in chronic pain for over 15 years. In only two months of treatment with Dr. Kornfeld I have forgotten what it was like to be living in pain. My stress levels have decreased and I have been able to sleep and function better. I highly recommend Dr. Kornfeld.

Debbie McKinnon, LMT

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