Aglaia Biomedical Ventures

what we do Aglaia is committed to creating and building biomedical companies, not just to finance them. That’s why we take an active role in both funding and operations. Opportunities are derived from university-based research as well as from corporate spinouts. By having a close interaction with scientists we are in a position to identify high-potential technologies and business concepts.… More →

Willowbend Med Spa – Home

WILLOWBEND MED SPA Dr. Deanah A.Jibril, Medical Director        Welcome to our virtual office! We hope you find all the information you need to make educated choice. With over 15 years experience and on site physician, at Willowbend Med Spa you can be sure you will get the personal attention.       Whether you are considering Botox/Restylane treatment, laser hair removal… More →

Bittersweet. When I hear that word, I’m one of those people who immediately thinks of chocolate! But it actually it has other meanings…now that I have chocolate on my mind, I can’t think what they are! But, seriously, I recently heard music that triggered bittersweet memories. Funny how music has such power. Like smells, others sounds, textures. The power of… More →