British were gaining weight faster than the parts move in the u.s.

Obesity epidemic in Britain is partly the fault of the mega-American-style meals (after a conference of the World Cancer Research Fund). Obesity exercise at a conference in Britain to urge the British to boycott the fast food giant food packages and super-companies of the value of the chips, biscuits and ready meals. One in five Britons are overweight or obese (three times 20 years). In the U.S. the number is much higher, but the British are catching up fast. The various actions are to promote inter-class America disadvantages of fast food companies to the parties superpowers.
Professor Phil James (UK, Chairman of the International Obesity job), he said, the whole of Britain is getting fatter, and fatter, faster. Weve been ignoring this problem, but we really need to sit upand take notice now because it is affecting our health and our children. We now have clear evidence that being overweight is linked to a variety of cancers and other health problems. The food industry needs to see that is a part of this, we need better labeling and encourage people not to buy those extra large portions.
He cited products such as Mars bars super-enterprises and Burger King meals and sandwich lunch is three floors with French fries and soft drinks. In the past 20 years the United States, a standard hamburger has increased 112% size (bagels 195%). portions of pasta is 480% higher, while cookies are 700% larger today.diflucan uk approved for sale in canada cheap order prescription

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