Amitriptyline – the multifaceted medicine (Thursday, December 22, 2005)

Amitriptyline is known to be a drug which works when all other options have not produced desired results. Well medicines may not deal in panaceas but their nearest approximation is Amitriptyline.

In 1955 Amitriptyline started off as an anti-depressant and was considered to be a landmark in the world of healthcare as it helped millions in the post war era to change their lives for the better. Even though the drug had a few side effects but the benefits made it extremely popular.

Grateful patients found that not only were they able to be more cheerful but their headaches, muscular pains and other curious symptoms that had plagued them for years had all disappeared. It was earlier felt that the other problems were cured as they were all originating from depression. But that wasn’t true.

After several years doctors realized that Amitriptyline must be having a further and entirely different modus operandi which is not related to its being an anti-depressant. When these further protean properties of Amitriptyline were recognized it seemed logical to try them out for the whole range of difficult-to-treat syndromes in medicine, just to find out if it made any difference. And it did make a difference, that too to a remarkable degree.

It has been found that Amitriptyline is beneficial for various earlier almost untreatable forms of neuropathic pain, in diabetes, in phantom limb pain, or following shingles. It also helps in controlling migraines, prevents premature ejaculation, cures hiccups, stops children wetting their bed at night, is of value in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and has also been shown to relieve the excruciating misery of the bladder condition interstitial cystitis.

Now the indication for use of this medication has started running into pages and considering the fact that it is an extremely cheap medicine it is well worth a try for those difficult to treat syndromes.

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