You’re in my head

Got everything figured out now….. I think it looks good. Now onto the realy updates in my life…

I went to Atlantic City over the weekend. Of course I had a wonderful time. I always enjoy myself when I go there. That was my day friday and Saturday. Yesterday I went to lunch with some family. Then I went to Erik’s graduation party in the afternoon. Actually I picked up Kuo and he rode up with me. It was a nice party. It was a lot of his family though so we were kind of out of place there, but I didn’t mind. I will be seeing enough of Erik when we go to the beach, TOMORROW!

I have been so looking forward to getting away. Even though the weather might be kind of crappy, I don’t mind at all. Even tho the semester is over and I don’t have to worry about classes anymore I have still been feeling really stressed about other stuff that is going on. I am hoping by the time I leave tomorrow that will all be behind me and I can just relax and enjoy my 1 week break before summer classes and my summer work schedule start.

One quick rant before I wrap this up… there is a dealer in Atlantic City that works at the Taj, his name is Joe, I am pretty sure he has parkinsons. He shakes and has trouble controlling his movement. Normally I wouldn’t think anything of it, but being a card dealer you normally need to be able to move quickly and deal the cards accurately. Everytime we go there people complain and whine when Joe sits down at a table to deal. This bothered me so much. People take their lives so seriously that they can’t even give the guy some slack and realize that he is TRYING so hard. I don’t think people realize how hard it must be for him. The complain the whole time he is dealing and a lot of them tip him less than the would a normal dealer, if they tip him at all. It just bugs me when people are so absorbed in their own worlds that they can’t even take the time to have the slightest bit of sympathy. Gr.

Well…. this is interesting. When I started this website I started by ranting how I hated journal sites and how against them I was. Now look at me, I have gone and started using yet another one. This one however is very different. I have joined Blogger. Blogger is awesome because it doesn’t create an artificial site for you to post on it allows you to post directly to your homepage. I am still working on all the formatting so that it looks like the rest of my site, eventually I will get it all figured out. So here you are reading my journal still, safely with in the confines of Aspiring, yet my life has been made much simpler.

I think I am going to like this. I was getting sick of editing all those separate journal pages. I do all my coding by hand which some people know. And while I do it because I enjoy it, coding gets very tedious when I decide to change something and have to go through an ever increasing number of journal pages to change one minor detail. We’ll see if I decide to keep this system, I still have the old system in place if we need to return to it.

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