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Bone cancer

BONE CANCER develops most often in young people aged 10-20 years. Unlike almost all other “painless” types of cancer early symptom of bone cancer is usually a pain.
Sometimes the pain manifests itself in physical exercises. In other cases, it simply from growing traffic. Although pain is possible in any part of the skeleton, most often they were in knee, hip, hand (especially the upper part), ribs and pelvis.
Other symptoms include swelling as a result of spreading tumor and fever. Depending on the type of bone tumor swelling may precede or follow the pain. When small tumors usually can not get high temperature.

     The primary bone cancer called sarcoma, a tumor in the bone tissue is formed. Estrogen sarcoma-the most common form of cancer – most often occurs at the bottom of the femur. Hondrosarkoma most often affects cartilage in the pelvis and thigh. Using sarcoma (Ewing’s sarcoma) appears in the pelvis area, or one of the body’s long bones.

Secondary bone cancer is a type of cancer that arise from primary tumors anywhere in the body and falling in skeletal bone metastases through. This type of tumor much more prevalent in comparison with primary bone cancer. The most frequent cancer metastases areas include dairy glands, kidneys, lungs, thyroid and prostate gland. Cancer of these bodies found, usually in people and senior middle age. Symptoms of bone cancer, and many benign conditions are similar. Several benign bone neoplasms may turn into cancer. Honduran (cartilage tissue tumor) and giant cell tumor of bone very often escalate from encroaches in malignant. The doctor usually treats them surgically or radiation, as a preventive measure. Redhead bone disease (Agents’ disease) – is inflammatory condition that sometimes precedes bone cancer.
In the past, when bone cancer, usually performed amputation affected parts of the body. Currently limbs are increasingly managed to save – surgically removed only part of bone, often it is done in conjunction with the course of radiation and chemotherapy. But still, most types of bone cancer has a high level of deaths. Malignant new growth (tumor) gives metastases soon after formed and is usually already in the running form, when its first show.
It is only natural that parents are quietly to the first (weak) painful symptoms, especially if complains healthy-looking child.
Parents often attribute the pain or bruising tension tangles, which, of course, very often, especially for active children, or the mythical age of rheumatism and pain (pain, emerging with the growth of bones Child).
Allow the child to the doctor, if the complaints are continuing over a week. Even with a clear reason, damage can be quite serious, given that the pain does not stihaet in the week, and this means that a child is bound to be shown doctor. Be very careful also to swelling around the knee, hip or other bones – this may be due to growing tumor. Consult your doctor if you feel that the skin around the bone significantly warmer than the skin elsewhere in the body, or if heavily allocated veins
Treatment of stegosaur should be carried out in specialized centers.
Turning to us you can get advice of leading experts in this field, undergo a complete survey and you will be chosen the best method of treatment.
If there metastases in the lungs, because of their rapid growth, showing initial prompt treatment lung metastases, and then primary epicenter. After removal of pulmonary metastasis or with stegosaur without metastases in the lungs showed amputation of limbs or recapitulates, sometimes it is possible resection of bone replacement allotransplantatom this site, however, because of late diagnosis is perhaps no more than the 20% of patients. With the defeat of the pelvis bone prompt treatment is not possible, so radiation therapy is shown, although most of osteosarkom not sensitive to it.
Arousal sarcoma develops aged 30-40 years, differs slow growth, metastases gives very rare, but not enough after radical removal (or amputation of limbs recapitulates) tumor relapses occur. Most often affected Netflix distal femur, accompanied by pain and disruption of joint, because often detected in early stages, allowing time to comply with a radical operation with a relative, of course, recovery 70-80% of patients.
Hondrosarkoma arises aged 30-50 years in the pelvis bone, the proximal femur, ribs, proximal neutralize shoulder. There is growing slowly, painless, rarely causes restriction of mobility of joints, so often reaches large size, has not yet become apparent to the eye. Metastases in the lungs offers already on the later stages of tumor development. Radical operation succeeded in 50% of patients with good results – survival of 5 years or more. With the lack of radical operation, usually develops quickly relapse.
Sterols formed when hyalinization giantlike benign bone tumor (frequency hyalinization this tumor is 15-20%). There are 2 main forms of tumors – political and cellular-carbuncular. Striking methane long tubular bones, more proximal shoulder and distal femur and the pelvis bone. It may give symmetrical defeat bones that in the initial stage is often seen as rheumatism. Clinical manifestations practically does not, except for increasing bone in the zone Metallica and sealing the surrounding tissue. Joint cartilage, even with large tumor size is not staggering, so mobility in the joints remains. Identify most often when a pathological fractures. Metastases in the lungs provides a rare, although they are well capable of surgical treatment. At roentgenogram layer cortical bone overeaten caps, often has his “breakthrough” with the formation of “visor” from the peritoneum. When sterols long tubular bones shows a radical surgical treatment, with localization in the pelvis bone – radiation therapy.
The tumor Using is 15-20% of malignant tumors skeletal bones. There is the age of 25. Striking predominantly dialysis of long tubular bones, gives early metastasis to other bones and lungs. Clinical symptoms expressed vividly: acute pain, constant, characterized by attacks of fever, anemia, leykotsitoz, rapid weight loss. At roentgenogram bones detected dialysis expanding and thickening of bones and parts of political destruction. Treatment conducting complex: radical surgery, radiation therapy, to which the tumor is very sensitive, and chemotherapy combination “Arianist”, “Antinomies”, “Inkiest” and “Tsiklofosfana.” Only such a comprehensive treatment gives a five-year survival of 70% of patients.
Other primary tumor very rare: fibrous osteosarcoma runs as an option, but is more malignant character, the entire five-year survival 15-40%, even with a full range of treatment. Whoredom – bone tumor embryonic origin arose in 40-60 years, affects the spine with the development of myeloma-acicular syndrome compression of the spinal cord and roots, metastasize rare. Adamant appears at 90% of patients in the tibia bone, usually over the age of 30 years, grows slowly, a radical surgical treatment favorably on the outcome.

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