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Yesterday was my second day of ballet! It is so amazing to be doing it again; I have SO much to learn, I forgot so much in 10 years. So I am taking on Mondays, two back to back classes: a Level 1 class, followed by a “Ballet From the Basics” class. 3 hours of ballet, what! It’s pretty great taking the Ballet From the Basics because the class is slow and really gave me a chance to focus on my technique and form. I like knowing that, before I really continue in my practice, I’ll be aware of the correct posture & port de bras. Our friends Becca & Brad will be in visiting later this week, and Becca also takes lessons. I’m going to bring her to class on Friday, that will be so much fun!!!

Anyway, it just feels wonderful to be doing this kind of exercise again, to feel sore in places that I haven’t worked out in so long…..I know that I’m getting a workout! More later….

This Friday, I’ll embark upon a new adventure; one that I’ve ben dreaming of doing for the past 10 years. I’ll give you a hint:

:)   I pledge to myself to attempt to maintain this blog & not forget about it! I might only post once a month sometimes & that is okay! So with that very brief uninteresting introduction, onwards……

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