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Retainer Package

The advantage of a retainer is that you are guaranteed the agreed monthly hours. Payment for this packages is required in advance by the first day of the month to which the hours apply. Hours must be used within the month they were purchased for. Packages are non transferable and non refundable. Discounts are offered on the retainer package as well.

Project Package

Quotes for services on this plan will be provided based upon the scope and complexity of the project, estimated time and cost. A 50% deposit is required prior to work being started with the final balance due upon the completion of project.

Hourly Package

With this plan you use as many or as little as need. The hourly plan is a flexible option for clients who are not really sure how much time they will need on a monthly basis.

Deluxe Package

This plan has been specifically created for businesses and individuals who may require services to which the above plans are not well suited. If you are interested in enlisting my service and realize that the previous plans cannot meet your needs, this plan is probably the one for you. Due to the dynamic nature of this plan and the level of customization it affords, rates can only be determined after our free consultation.

Virtual Events & Video & Multimedia Services

For virtual events and video and multimedia services, our rate varies depending on the service and package that would suit your needs and can only be properly determined after an assessment. As a general guide however, please check out the plans for virtual events and video and multimedia services.

Audio Editing- $45 per hour

We will completely edit your audio, eliminating the coughs, ums and other unwanted bits and music, balance voices and just generally give you an awesome sounding audio production. Please note that if you want the end product to be squeaky clean, it will take us more than one hour to ensure that the end product turns out just right.

Basic Package:  Up to 1 hour Webinar $45/ 2 hrs $70

With this plan we record your webinar’s audio and video, perform basic editing, produce and upload the final cut to your website or video sharing site.

Express Package: Up to 1 hour Webinar $80/up to 2 hrs $92

With this plan we provide tech help 20 minutes before the webinar as well as during the webinar to address any issue that may arise prior and during the webinar. We also act as moderator of the chat portion of the webinar and once the webinar is completed, we record the audio and video, perform edits and produce and upload it to your website or video sharing site.

Premium Package: Up to 2 hour Webinar $277

We assist you in determining which webinar tool would suit you best based your needs as well as your budget. We teach you how to use the tool, offer advice on how to make your webinar go well and provide tech help 20 minutes before the webinar as well as the duration of the webinar in the event of an issue arising. We also will help participants during the webinar and moderate the chat feature. At the end of the webinar, we also record the audio and visual portion of the webinar and once the webinar is over, weedit, produce and upload it to your website or video sharing site.

Ultra Package: $65 to $75 per hour.

This package works best for the client who needs a demo or tutorial video created, wants to enhance their PowerPoint presentations or needs to have their videos marketed.

The demo or tutorial video is recorded using Camtasia and effects such as music are added to it. I then produce and upload the end product to your website or video sharing site.

With video marketing, the video can be produced for your website or sales page and uploaded to video sharing sites.

PowerPoint Presentation Enhancements:  $45 per hour

Do you need to spice up your PowerPoint presentations to make them more visually compelling and stimulating? Why not contact me to see how we can make your lackluster PowerPoint presentations a thing of the past? After all, we know you want a captive audience!

Please note that payment must be made before delivery of service. For your convenience you can make payment on your invoice via Paypal as well as bank transfer.

Contact us today to see which plan may best suit your needs or to discuss your next virtual event!

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