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Being able to get your content out to other social media sites should be as easy as possible. Most automotive dealership websites are severely lacking in this area. The majority of car dealers websites are built and maintained by third party vendors like, VinSoultions,DealerOn and TKCarsites just to name a few.

While these companies typically build very nice websites, they seem to still be missing the idea that having the ability for your visitors to share images, iventory and pages from within your website can carry a very high value.

Just imagine if your inventory could be easily shared among even the top 3-5 social media websites. Someone is looking at a new model and are able to hit a single button to post it to their Facebook Timeline or Tweet it out to there followers. If this happens, how many more eyes do you get on your inventory? Quite a few!

So, how do you get a nice, clean solution to this problem? Well, there are several different companies you can check out and forward to your website provider and ask them to implement it for your website. and are two that we have used in the past and the former is what we use on this website.

If you like this blog post, why not hit the share button and show your love. In the meantime, do what you can to syndicate your website content throughtout the social media world. Much like dealers thought that the internet was a fad, many feel the same about social. The reality is, it’s here to stay so maximize it as much as you can.

For more solutions to your digital marketing problems, check out our Solutions page here on our website.

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