Virtual events software

We are going to overview the basic funcions and characterictstics that a Virtual Events Software must have.

Worldwide Accesible
The show or event must be accessible from any computer of the planet that has Internet connection by using a simple web browser, without downloading any specialized software.
The organizer of the tradeshow or event must be able to limit the access to the Event geographically by country or region if wished.

Easy Booth Edition
The exhibiting companies themselves must be able to change the appearance and contents of their stands easily from an intuitive control panel, protected by a login ID and password.
The exhibitor must have the option to change the colors, images, links, documents, offered catalogues, and products that are shown in the event by using a simple assistant.
The changes made by the exhibitor may go through an approval and quality control process by the virtual trade show management company.

Permanent Events
The virtual event must remain open every day of the year, 24-hours a day if the event management company so desires. If not, concrete dates and times may be established.
If a visitor arrives at the booth and the exhibitor is not available at that moment, the visitor must be able to leave their contact info thru a form. The cards left at the stand can be seen by the exhibitor the next time they connect to the event.
This kind of software may offer to the exhibitors a virtual assistant that automatically answers frequently asked questions.

Statistics, Visitor Tracking and Analysis
The virtual event’s organizer as well as the exhibitors should have access to all the information about all the event’s visitors in real time; know the number of users that visited their booths, where they came from, and which sections they have visited, etc.
The event’s advanced control tools convert an event of this kind into a measurable and controllable element for your marketing investment.

Re-organizable According to the User’s needs
Visitors must be able to arrange their visit according to what they want to see every second. A search engine that allows them to go directly to each hall or stand, find stands by keyword, etc is very recommendable in this kind of software.
For example, if a visitor wants to see only the stands that have to do with one topic, he can write the word in the search engine and the program would automatically create a new event only with the stands related to this topic.

Registration Systems and User Management
Like in a physical event, a registration system is required in this kind of software to make visitors provide their information to access the event. The registrants should be approved by the organizer or pass an automated verification system.
The virtual events software should provide a system to send verifications through e-mail. The event’s organizer has to be able to activate and deactivate this features at any time.

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