How do i get started?

I’m glad you’re considering making the switch to cloth!  It’s really the best thing you can do for the environment, your baby, AND your wallet!  It’s can be an investment at first but once you get going your wallet will thank you!

Once people warm up to the idea of a cloth diaper they are then turned off by the OVERWHELMING amount of information on the subject!  I know I almost gave up before I even started!  Special wipes, special detergent, all the different types, Microfiber inserts, bamboo inserts, hemp inserts!  Aaaahh!  Not to mention the question of: What am I going to do with the pounds of Desitin I got at my baby shower you’re saying I can’t use now??

Take a deep breathe everyone, I am here to help!

I joined a Cloth Diaper Support Group on Facebook and I really recommend finding something like that.  The moms in the group were there to answer ANY and every question I had.  Any hour of the day… I’m not kidding!  I would be in the store and have a question, I’d ask it, and within 5 minutes someone would answer and I’d be able to buy the detergent or the oils that I was confused about.  It’s been really helpful to my success as a cloth diaper addict! Yes, addict!

When I first joined the group they provided a list of basic needs to get started.  I am going to share this with you because it was really helpful:

For a newborn you will need:

  • Approximately 24 diapers (this will be enough to wash every other day)
  • 48 Cloth wipes (this is about 2 for every diaper)
  • Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent- Tide Original or Trader Joe’s brand works Great!
  • Spray bottle for your wipe solution, if you plan on using cloth wipes.
  • Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream- I like Coconut Oil and have had no problems or rashes.
  • 2 Large Wet bags: these are just laundry bags with the same material as the diapers so that they stay waterproof.
  • 2 Small Wet bags: for traveling and diaper bag
  • Tea Tree Oil: I just started using this in my home made wipe solution but it is also used for disinfecting used diapers and stripping diapers
  • Diaper Sprayer: Not necessary at first especially if your baby is exclusively breastfed but a good investment for when you start solids or if you’re formula feeding.

Still a little overwhelming I know.  But remember the older baby gets, the less diapers you will be changing throughout the day.  Newborns need a fresh diaper about every 2 hours.  At about 3 months and older you’ll find you only need about 6-8 diapers a day instead of the normal 12.

Also, every child is different so start with what you’re comfortable with and see what works best for your family.  You can always start out with a few diapers and only do cloth part time, thats fine too!

I made the transition to cloth because I was so sick of buying diapers but what really was the turning point for me was realizing how much diapers I was throwing out every day!  It made me feel horrible!  What a waste of money and resources!

When I first started I actually started with the gDiapers (Really cool concept).  They were a hybrid diaper so they had a cloth cover with a disposable insert.  I was in heaven!  We always got so many compliments on them and it was such a conversation starter. (Oh the things you talk about when you become a mom!)  I had posted a picture on facebook and then was invited by a friend into the cloth diaper support group.  Its then that I made the switch to complete cloth!

Here’s what I started with:

    • 12 pocket diapers
    • Coconut Oil

…yep, thats it!

I had been using disposables for 2 months so I just bought enough cloth diapers to try out for a day.  I think I actually started with 6 and did cloth part time and then bought another 6 once I was comfortable with them.  I used regular wipes, my diaper genie (which I still use 5 months later, so no need for a large wetbag.  I just recycle plastic bags in there)

I eventually made the switch to cloth wipes too because it just made more sense.  I was already doing diaper laundry.  Why not throw the wipes in too?  It also got rid of the need for the annoying garbage bag next to the changing table for all the dirty wipes.  For the wipes I just use wash cloths.  I buy the thin ones from Babies R Us.  $8 for 12.

My wipe solution was nothing more than water in a spray bottle (I bought at a local supermarket for ) and a splash of California Baby Diaper Area Wash (this little bottle lasted me about 2 months).

You’ll see once you get started and comfortable you’ll come up with a system that works for you.  I was very frugal starting out and still am.  I knew I wanted to make the switch but could not afford the huge investment so I worked it in little by little and now 5 months later I have a stash of about 25 diapers (yes thats it!) about 35 wipes.  I would say I do laundry every 3-4 days vs. when I started I did it every day.

I recently invested in 3 small wetbags for the diaper bag. I LOVE them.  It has made life so much easier.  But again not necessary.  When I went out I just brought plastic bags to recycle.

I hope this information has calmed some of your nerves.  I havent bought diapers in 2 months!  And thats something to celebrate about!!  So if you’re fed up with the cost of diapers make the switch!

And if you have any questions or anything you would like to see added please write.  I’m here to help and I love the feedback!

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