Me, halloween night, and chronic pain


Me, Halloween night, and chronic pain

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I admit that I have never liked Halloween. My three older sisters always encouraged, if not forced me to actively participate in that holiday. As a shy child I tried to resist most of their efforts. Once they have managed to dress me as a Chinese kid, and it was a terrible experience. They have put a long nylon stocking on my head, and took me on the “trick-or-treat” tour around the neighborhood! Hope I don’t have to mention how embarrassed I was. From that day on I really started to hate Halloween.
My husband, on the contrary, loves this holiday. But I think that in his case it is because he has good memories of having fun frightening their neighbors to death. Still, he enjoys opening the door during the hallowed night. I would rather those kids did not knock on the door minute after minute. Fortunately, my husband often locks the front door for me, only leaves a bowl of sweets on the porch. It is so nice how they celebrate the holiday in our little town. Children mostly “trick-or-treat” in the downtown area, because they know that those rich merchants living there will always have a lot of sweets to hand out. Everything would be fine if candies were as healthy as fruits or vegetables. Hope you know that too much sugar may lead to diabetes or something worse. Just think that one Halloween night is enough for 2 new cavities to appear.
The fact that I don’t like Halloween does not mean that I hate autumn. It may be surprising for you, but I really like this season. It is this part of the year when I bake my favorite pumpkin pie, or a cinnamon apple pie. The air is so crisp at that time; first frost paints flowers on the windows; people dig out their forgotten woolen socks; put on the gloves and hats; wash and dry warm undies, etc. Do not know why, but my husband never wears a jacket. He has a lot of them hidden in wardrobes, car trunks, and storeroom, yet he almost never puts them on. Sometimes, I take them out, but only to wash them from the dust. He is not afraid of rain, and does not care if he will get wet. Only when the temperature falls below zero, he can be seen bedecked. His mother says that he has always been like that. Each school year she bought him a new jacket, but he did not wear them, only carried it in a bag. Strange, isn’t it?
When I see all those children hanging around in their sweet and scary costumes, trying to collect as much sweets as possible, then I remember that is it high time I bought batteries for my portable radio and lights, adjusted the space heaters, and placed an additional comforter on my bed. It is also good to have a candle and lighter in each room. I have also learned that it is effective to always put a sunscreen on hands, mainly to protect the skin from wind, cold, and frost.
If you do not want to catch a cold this winter, stay warm, take vitamins and get yourself vaccinated against flu. Kids, having more than 6 months, and less than 5 years, should also have a flu shot. Such injections, reinforced with vitamin C and daily antioxidants, should effectively protect you, and your children from most of the winter illnesses. This time of the year requires to take precautions, and do everything we can to remain healthy. Be like a squirrel and collect ammunition to fight with the cold and unpleasant weather. Don’t let an illness spoil the winter fun!

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