Dark Chocolate May Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risks

Dark chocolate has long been lauded as a strong antioxidant that can help the body fight off stress and some of illnesses. A new study has found that this tasty treat may also lower the chances of a person developing pancreatic cancer.

A recent study looked into the types of foods that might help keep pancreatic cancer at bay. Researchers found that people who have diets low in magnesium-risk foods have a 24 percent higher change of acquiring the disease than those who do not. As it turns out, dark chocolate is a rather magnesium-rich food. Interestingly enough, the same study concluded that magnesium supplements did not have the same effect. In fact, vitamins with this component might actually increase the risk.

While dark chocolate might be a great option for obtaining natural magnesium in the diet, there are other choices, as well. Some nuts, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, dried fruit and some fish are also high in this nutrient.

Pancreatic cancer strikes an estimated 49,000 Americans each year. Approximately 40,500 people die from it each year. Although it is considered one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with a survival rate of less than 10 percent at the five-year mark, routine early screening procedures are not yet widely available for this form of cancer. When it is caught early, the disease may sometimes be successfully treated.

Risk factors for pancreatic cancer include obesity, tobacco use, diabetes, a family history and chronic pancreatitis, among other factors. People who are at risk for the disease are urged to discuss it with their healthcare providers. Those who are unsure of what risks they might face may also wish to go ask for an assessment from their doctors. And, for those who wish to lower their risks, adding a little dark chocolate (fish and green leafy vegetables) into the normal dietary routine might help.

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