Saw Palmetto – Control Your Prostate Problems

The most important pharmacological action of extract of Saw Palmetto is the reserve of the 5th Reductase enzyme and the consequential reduction of the hormone DHT (largely caused inflammation of the prostate urethra and alopecia or baldness).

Saw Palmetto has a specific-inflammatory action on the prostate and urethra significantly reducing discomfort and allowing the retention of sexual desire.

In a clinical study was performed in 350 patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia were treated with saw palmetto was observed after 9 weeks of treatment a 47% reduction in the frequency at which they stop to urinate at night an increase of 53% in the urine stream and a reduction of 44% in the urine absent in the bladder (residual urine).

The most significant benefit is that saw palmetto did not cause any side effect being a 100% natural addition to being economical.

The make use of of saw palmetto in men older than 20 years is to maintain and prevent prostate problems.

Some Hyperplasia symptoms related to Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP) are:

* Difficulty urinating

* Difficulty initiating urination.

* Jet weaker.

* Urinary Retention.

* Needing to urinate more often.

* Waking up several times at night to urinate.

* Premature ejaculation.

* Dribbling of urine at the end

* Painful ejaculation.

* Backaches.

* Testicular pain.

The hormone (DHT) and baldness: Men with androgenetic alopecia or baldness have high levels of a hormone derivative called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the scalp. Receptors that capture the DHT body are typically in prostate liver and skin (with hair follicles) in the sebaceous follicles.

DHT contributes to shortening the hair development phase and reduced by acting on the hair follicle that is fed to the follicle producing lipid fat hardening and dehydration of itself that will inhibit hair growth so that new hair do not get to the size or the thickness of their predecessors becoming almost invisible. The number of hairs diminishes with the progressive miniaturization of scalp hair stops the construction of pigment and the affected area may appear bald long before they lose all their hair.

Saw Palmetto and Androgenic alopecia The loss of hair and BHP as we have seen are straight related to DTH hormone formed when the enzyme 5a reductase interact in male testosterone. Saw palmetto is work by decreasing the 5th reductase and thus inhibiting the formation of DHT which is the main cause of baldness and BHP is a valuable usual alternative.

The agents that fight the damaging effects of BPH found in saw palmetto can be used productively to combat the effects of the same enzyme DTH in hair loss. Saw palmetto in the doses indicated beginning to show success after 12 weeks of permanent use.

Saw palmetto inhibits DTH in 3 ways:

* Blocking the formation of DHT

* By inhibiting the formation of DHT with the receptor cells of the prostate and

* DHT blocking the arrival of the nucleus of cells.

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