Different Plans Of Aviva Health Insurance

Insurance gives you coverage against an unforeseen and difficult situation in life. You must have heard about many types of insurance plans. The most common insurance plans include life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc. Aviva Health Insurance offers a number of very useful health insurance plans. Whatever your insurance requirements are, Aviva has a plan for you. We’ll show you the details of these plans below. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

The plans offered from the Aviva can provide coverage to the people coming from different line of work and age. The numbers of plan that are available are huge and all are tailor-made to accommodate specific wishes of people. This way you have the option to pick the one that proves best benefit to your family. These are few of the plans and most of their details that are available from Aviva health insurance.

Level 1 – Hospital

Level 1 Hospital plan will give you access to best quality hospital care in local and national hospitals. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that, should you ever need it, you will have excellent healthcare available to you. Premium for Level 1 hospital insurance starts at 560 for an adult, including government levy. Children can have the coverage for 190, up to the third child. For the fourth and next child, you only have to pay government levy, which is 44.

Insurance policies under this plan also offer the client to enjoy the benefit of a personal room in most public hospitals without additional charges. In case, you decide to get treatment from a private hospital, you will also enjoy the advantage of coverage for about 75 percent of the cost on semi-private room. In Aviva health insurance, any cardiac procedures are bound to be covered fully. This is also true for the day care measures as well. The plan also offers coverage to consultation within in patient facilities as well as full scan within approved outpatient centers.

It consists of MRI scan as well as CT scans. Under the cancer care support benefits the expenses that is incurred while traveling and on accommodation is paid through the plan as well. There are several emerging and new procedures that are yet not available at Ireland; the insurance from Aviva also covers those. Over and above these benefits, the insurance offers the coverage of the expenses of the psychiatric patient for 100 days. Side by side, after every 5 years or so, there is benefit of treatment for 91 days or substance and alcohol abuse.

The plan has a number of other benefits including A&E cover, health screen, emergency dental care, pre and post natal consultation care, manual lymph drainage, home nursing, consultation fees, pathology consultation fees and cost of tests, radiology consultation fees and cost of tests, scans – various types – and medical and surgical appliances. This plan also gives you money back on out patient benefits for consultation fees, radiology costs and A&E visits.

There are maternity benefits for up to three nights stay in different public hospital. Expenses in the private hospital during the tenure of home birth are given a short contribution of about 3,000. Over and above, you get money back during post and pre natal visits. The newborn are covered free till when renewed.

Benefits to members: It offers donation of 120 for vaccination in cervical cancer at Point of Care Health Services. There is 22.5 percent money back for surgery costs in eye through laser. This is offered at Optical Express clinics. You can also avail 24-hour Nurse-on-call support through telephone. There are options for saving money members from clinics and service provider.

Level 1 Everyday

Level 1 Everyday plan gives all benefits of a worthy hospital care. There is money back for day after day expenses incurred for visits to dentists of doctor (G.P). Annual premium for any adults is 750. This is including government tax, which is of 148. Up to third child, the children are covered for 261.60 premium. There is government levy of 44 from fourth child onwards.

Other Tailored Plans & Levels

Other plans include level 2 everyday as well as level 2 hospital. There ate tailored plans for precise healthcare requirements. Talk to sales team to explain you the details.

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