Natural Cancer Fighters: The Truth Behind Nature's Best Kept Secret

If a family history has you wondering what you can do to avoid prostate or any type of cancer here’s the thing. While some would suggest early detection and immediate treatment you’re really better off with prevention. So how do you prevent prostate cancer? Here are some healthy and smart ideas that are inexpensive as well as edible. You might also call them “The Natural Cancer Fighters.”

Another important fact to realize is that it seems prostate cancer and obesity often go hand in hand. While prostate cancer goes undetected over time, obesity covers the tracks by giving producing negative PSA test results. Why is this? People who are overweight have lower than normal PSA test readings. As a result, they may not know that they have prostate cancer until it’s advanced beyond the most curable stage.

What can you do to prevent prostate cancer?

Specially nothing. But it helps if you gradually change your lifestyle. If you’re a smoker, quit before it’s too late. At the very least you don’t want to end up with lung cancer. It’s also a good idea to start working out or hitting the treadmill. Or if you prefer you can walk around your neighborhood. Last but not the least; you want to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. In fact this is how you’ll get the natural cancer fighters.

What are these natural cancer fighters again?

You’ll find these cancer fighters in various vegetables and fruits like the ones discussed below. These are what some consider in certain respects to be prostate cancer preventives.

Soy: This has been studied for ability to impact prostate cancer for more than 10 years. One study shows that men who don’t eat tofu or only eat it once a week have a higher risk of prostate cancer than men who eat tofu three to four times a week. Tofu is made from soy beans. So whether you eat tofu, other soy products or drink soy milk you’re likely improving the odds of avoiding prostate cancer one way or another.

Onions: This is one misunderstood vegetable. People would avoid this because of its tear-jerky aroma and it lingers in your mouth even after you brush. But onions and garlic may play a role in reducing the risk of prostate cancer as well as lowering cholesterol.

Broccoli: Believe it or not but the vegetable you hated when you were little may actually reduce your risk for prostate cancer. That’s right. These lean, green cancer fighting machines contain nutrients that slow the development of various types of cancers.

Tomatoes: The story here is lycopene which is believed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene itself is an antioxidant which fights free radicals in the body. Although present in raw tomatoes, it’s much potent when cooked.

Blueberries: Another antioxidant cancer fighter which prevents cellular damage that can lead to cancer and other diseases.

If you want to live longer and healthy, you have to take care of yourself. These cancer fighting ideas may not be appealing at first glance but how will you know if you don’t try. Besides who needs supplements when what you’re eating may well give you all the vitamins and cancer protection you need.

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