Gift Idea For a Friend With Breast Cancer – 3 Tips

Know someone with breast cancer? When you found out about their diagnosis, you were probably immediately saddened and dismayed. Just as it is for the person who has actually received a cancer diagnosis, their friends, family and co-workers can also experience a feeling of helplessness upon hearing the news.

Breast Cancer Is A Formidable Opponent

And, you are right to be concerned. Breast cancer forces women (and some men) to put up a valiant fight in order to have the chance of overcoming the disease. The treatments for breast cancer can be very trying and hard on the body, and the disruption in one’s lifestyle can add stress to the patient’s life.

The good news is that breast cancer is a very high-profile disease. With organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure and others raising awareness through organized walking events and other fundraisers, a lot of attention and money is put into fighting the disease each year.

The Fight Is Easier With Friends On Your Side

There is good news for you, too. That is: you can actually make a difference in this person’s life. The good energy that comes from your visits, phone calls, letters, and other forms of attention can enliven their days and encourage progress toward healing.

The very best gift you can give a friend with breast cancer is your time. You may be concerned about visiting or calling too often, and your concerns may be well-founded given that they may not be feeling up to par. But, you can give in other ways. Offer to help run errands for them or take them to and from treatments.

Another way to give is to give an actual gift, of course.

Gift Ideas For A Friend With Breast Cancer

If you are looking for a gift idea for a friend with breast cancer, these 3 tips can help guide your search:

1. Focus on their interests – then go one step further: There is no one-size-fits-all gift. You need to start with the person’s interests in mind. But, take it one step further. For example, if she likes golf, you might NOT want to get her a golf club at this time (see below). But, instead you could get her a golf video, or a golf memento for the home, or a golf-themed crossword puzzle. You get the idea.

2. Express compassion with your gift: Your gift should be all about them – not you. Do not get something for them that you would want to receive. Rather, get them something they want. And, be sure to choose a gift that speaks of your compassion. There should be a gentleness and a thoughtfulness to the gift and to the message in any card you attach.

3. Be conscious of physical limitations: Obviously, you will want to avoid anything that they cannot immediately use or do now. As with the golf club example above, the gift should reflect their current situation. After all, it may be a while before they are able to go back to doing all of the things they love.

Follow these 3 tips when thinking of the right gift ideas for a friend with breast cancer.

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