Gleam and Sparkle: How to Clean and Care for Your Jewelry

Jewelry reflects the personality, history and even special life moments of the wearer. For centuries, jewelry has represented a special keepsake of love, a treasured heirloom or simply an adornment of beauty. To extend the life of your jewelry, it’s important to take time to clean and care for your collection. A little “TLC” goes a long way. DiamondsStyling products,… More →

Complementary Treatment, Alternative Therapies and Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer

Complementary and alternative therapies for cancer of the prostate are health care practices that are not usually part of common medical treatment methods. These therapies can include natural cures for prostate cancer such as herbs, vitamins and minerals and dietary supplements. They can also be procedures such as acupuncture, massage, homeopathy and the use of magnetic fields. Most medical societies… More →

Holistically Healing Heartburn

Millions of people suffer from the symptoms of heartburn every day. Those with acute cases of heartburn may have a condition called acid reflux or gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Any form of heartburn is an unpleasant experience, to say the least. The splashing up of stomach acid into the esophagus and throat can be quite painful and potentially dangerous. In… More →

Healthier Eyes

We are powerless to stop the process of aging. This does not mean, however, that we have to accept that aging means looking older. On the contrary; by using anti-aging creams in tandem with a few simple, health-preserving practices, you can keep your skin looking great and maintain your physical health for many years to come. If a person’s skin… More →

Different Plans Of Aviva Health Insurance

Insurance gives you coverage against an unforeseen and difficult situation in life. You must have heard about many types of insurance plans. The most common insurance plans include life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc. Aviva Health Insurance offers a number of very useful health insurance plans. Whatever your insurance requirements are, Aviva has a plan for you. We’ll show… More →

Turmeric a Natural Cancer Cure

The connection between super foods such as turmeric to fight cancer continues to be verified by scientists around the world. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. As diagnosed cases continue to rise, the urgency to find preventative and holistic treatments grows. Known Cancer CausesHigh fat, high cholesterol foods – uterus, colon and prostate cancerTobacco… More →

Facts About Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Surgery

Surgery for lung cancer (LC) was once performed exclusively through thoracotomy. A long incision was made into the patient’s chest. Then, the ribs were either cut and removed, or spread apart to provide the surgeon with enough working space within the chest cavity. This was the approach taken for wedge resections (removal of a portion of the tissue) lobectomies (removal… More →

Saw Palmetto – Control Your Prostate Problems

The most important pharmacological action of extract of Saw Palmetto is the reserve of the 5th Reductase enzyme and the consequential reduction of the hormone DHT (largely caused inflammation of the prostate urethra and alopecia or baldness). Saw Palmetto has a specific-inflammatory action on the prostate and urethra significantly reducing discomfort and allowing the retention of sexual desire. In a… More →

7 Health Benefits of Broccoli

A man-made plant, Broccoli was developed in the Northern Mediterranean in the 6th century BCE through breeding of cultivated leafy cole crops. Italian immigrants had first introduced Broccoli to the US. However, it actually started gaining popularity in the 1920s. Broccoli, an edible green plant belonging to the cabbage family, offers a lot of health benefits due to the presence… More →